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1.   If any attorney that offers to represent you on contingency demands any money look for another attorney or consider representing yourself if you cannot locate any attorney to take the case otherwise.  Consider taking Kaiser to Small Claims Court if need be.  

2.  If any attorney makes a deal, reaches a settlement on your behalf without your permission, seriously consider not accepting it.   You don't know what happened or why an agreement was reached if you are not present.  If you are physicially unable to be present and have been notified tell them to change the date.  It can be done.  Some good reasons to change the date are if you are in the hospital, if you are receiving life saving medical treatment at that time, are on the other side of the world for any reason.  They can wait until you can be present under such circumstances.

If such a deal was made without your permission and you are being pressured into accepting it by IMMEDIATELY signing it, consider walking away and telling your attorney that you need to review in detail the papers for a few days.  Don't be pushed into accepting something that you know is not being handled properly.  Stand your ground and consider that any bullying tactics to get you to go along with it is not in your best interest.

3.  Be very, very, very concerned if your attorney advises you to not be present during any portion of an arbitration, law suit or settlement meeting.

4.  Be very, very, very concerned if you are advised by your attorney not to be concerned about settlement details because you are told that you "don't need to know."  You do need to know and you should tell them that.

For California cases which are the bulk of Kaiser cases the California Bar Association  is where citizens should file formal complaints if they believe that there is double dealing, dishonesty, or something really wrong going on with their case: