A list of Law Firms employed by Kaiser

Law Firms that have worked for Kaiser and the Permanente

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Law Firms that Have Worked for Kaiser

The information on this list was obtained directly from filed lawsuits.  In the event that a volunteer may possibly have listed a legal firm incorrectly by selecting the incorrect representative for either plaintiff or defendant we wish to express our sincere apologies and will immediately make said appropriate corrections to said list upon notification of said error.  We believe that it is the final responsibility of the public to further check any and all published information discovered not only at this site but at any other location so that errors may be corrected immediately.  It is not our intent to cause any person, firm, entity in any form harm.  The purpose of this page is a volunteer public service act and nothing more so that the members of the public may have all possible necessary information regarding Kaiser and the Permanente. 

Achor And Miller
Arnold & Porter
Baker Silberberg & Keener
Boornazian, Jensen & Garthe
Craddick, Candland & Conti
Curiale Dellaverson Hirschfeld Kelly & Kraemer
Gittler & Bradford
Grancell, Lebovitz, Stander, Marx & Barn
Hassard,Bonnington,Rogers & Huber
Hoffman, Hart & Wagner
Horvitiz& Levy
Kennedy P. Richardson Law Office
Knee & Ross
La Follette, De Haas, Johnson & Fesler
Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi
Law Offices Of Joseph D'Andre
Lewis, D'Amato, Brisbois & Bisgaard
Maccora Peoples Lam & Golston
Manatt Phelps & Phillips
Minder & Muro
Mullin and Filpi
Patterson, Ritner, Lockwood, Zanghi & Gartner
Pivo & Halbreich
Quinn Kully And Morrow
Ropers Majeski Et Al
Ropers, Majeski, Kohn, Bentley, Wanger & Kane
Ropers,Majeski,Kohn Et Al
Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson
Schachter, Kristoff, Orenstein & Berkowitz
Schachter, Kristoff, Ross
Schachter, Kristoff, Ross, Sprague
Stockwell Morris Anderson & Harris
Thelen Marrin Johnson & Bridges - This is the law firm that originally set up the Kaiser Medical Programs.
Weissburg & Aronson